Original Pakistani Designer Ready to Wear Dresses






The Noor-e-Arwah Eid Collection introduces a masterpiece of sartorial elegance that captures the enchanting essence of the festive season. This outfit is a celebration of grace and sophistication, designed to make every moment of Eid unforgettable.

The shirt, tailored from the finest chiffon, exudes a luxurious softness. Its fabric comes alive with intricate embroidery that weaves through the material like a delicate poem. Adorned with a pearl-embellished neckline, the shirt adds a touch of luminescence, reflecting the joyful spirit of Eid.

The ensemble is paired with a chiffon dupatta, equally resplendent with embroidery that echoes the shirt's detailed narrative. It drapes effortlessly, adding an air of regal charm to the attire.

Completing this ensemble are grip fabric palazzo trousers. They offer a fluid silhouette, giving a contemporary edge to the traditional form. The palazzo style provides both comfort and a dash of modernity, making it an essential addition to the festive wardrobe.

The Noor-e-Arwah collection ensures that this outfit is more than just clothing; it's a symbol of Eid's luminous celebrations, designed for the woman who carries herself with poise and an aura of mystique.

Shirt Length: 44 Inches