Original Pakistani Designer Ready to Wear Dresses






Step into the season of Eid with the Noor-e-Arwah Collection's enthralling creation, where tradition meets a whisper of contemporary grace. This ensemble exudes the elegance of Eid with its delicate and ornamental design.

The shirt is a crafted wonder of organza, luxurious and light, creating a silhouette that's airy and comfortable. The fabric is brought to life with intricate velvet borders, adding a touch of sumptuousness to the hem and sleeves. It doesn't stop there—the shirt is adorned with embroidery, embellished with pearls along the neckline, which catch the light and the eyes of onlookers, providing a subtle yet captivating sparkle.

Complementing the shirt is an embroidered organza dupatta, its broad velvet borders echoing the opulence of the shirt. The screen-print design is a canvas of elegance, adding a layer of sophistication to the overall attire.

The ensemble is completed with grip fabric trousers, which maintain a simple straight-leg design, allowing the attention to remain on the intricate details of the shirt and dupatta. These trousers are the perfect understated companion to the rest of the outfit, providing balance and poise.

The Noor-e-Arwah Collection captures the essence of Eid with this ensemble—a symphony of pastel hues, soft fabrics, and shimmering handwork. This outfit isn't just worn; it is experienced, promising to make your Eid celebrations as memorable as they are beautiful.

Shirt Length: 46 Inches